FY 2020 Poison Control Center CARES Supplemental Award

HRSA made 52 awards, representing all 55 poison centers through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

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Poison Control Center Recipient City State Award Amount
Alabama Poison Information Center Birmingham Alabama $73,352
Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center Tucson Arizona $39,532
Banner Poison and Drug Information Center Phoenix Arizona $58,562
Arkansas Poison and Drug Information Center Little Rock Arkansas $44,749
California Poison Control System
(The California Poison Control System is a single grantee, encompassing four California poison centers.)
San Francisco California $571,712
Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety Denver Colorado $153,366
Connecticut Poison Control Center Farmington Connecticut $54,849
National Capital Poison Center Washington District of Columbia $80,284
Florida Poison Information Center - Miami Miami Florida $96,177
Florida Poison Information Center - Tampa Tampa Florida $96,177
Florida/USVI Poison Information Center - Jacksonville Jacksonville Florida $103,111
Georgia Poison Center Atlanta Georgia $148,670
Illinois Poison Center Chicago Illinois $196,904
Indiana Poison Center Indianapolis Indiana $99,503
Iowa Poison Control Center Sioux City Iowa $46,750
Kansas Poison Control Center Kansas City Kansas $43,785
Kentucky Poison Control Center Louisville Kentucky $66,594
Louisiana Poison Center Shreveport Louisiana $69,571
Northern New England Poison Center Portland Maine $54,456
Maryland Poison Center Baltimore Maryland $60,250
Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention Boston Massachusetts $114,349
Michigan Poison Center at Wayne State University Detroit Michigan $151,678
Minnesota Poison Control System Minneapolis Minnesota $109,130
Mississippi Poison Control Center Jackson Mississippi $45,537
Missouri Poison Center St. Louis Missouri $91,908
Nebraska Regional Poison Center Omaha Nebraska $72,300
New Jersey Poison Information and Education System Newark New Jersey $134,924
New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center Albuquerque New Mexico $31,601
Upstate New York Poison Center Syracuse New York $113,006
New York City Poison Control Center New York New York $184,378
North Carolina Poison Control Charlotte North Carolina $146,335
Central Ohio Poison Center Columbus Ohio $88,522
Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center Cincinnati Ohio $88,522
Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information Oklahoma City Oklahoma $57,570
Oregon Poison Center Portland Oregon $79,594
Pittsburgh Poison Center Pittsburgh Pennsylvania $76,980
The Poison Control Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania $131,822
Puerto Rico Poison Center, Inc. San Juan Puerto Rico $57,177
Palmetto Poison Center Columbia South Carolina $70,983
Tennessee Poison Center Nashville Tennessee $97,390
Texas Panhandle Poison Center Amarillo Texas $19,719
West Texas Regional Poison Center El Paso Texas $20,722
Central Texas Poison Center Temple Texas $46,616
South Texas Poison Center San Antonio Texas $71,236
Southeast Texas Poison Center Galveston Texas $106,622
North Texas Poison Center Dallas Texas $120,977
Utah Poison Control Center Salt Lake City Utah $42,416
Blue Ridge Poison Center Charlottesville Virginia $36,836
Virginia Poison Center Richmond Virginia $47,887
Washington Poison Center Seattle Washington $103,197
West Virginia Poison Center Charleston West Virginia $28,437
Wisconsin Poison Center Milwaukee Wisconsin $87,275